Solar Panel(250W, 300W)

These solar panels are appropriate for residential and commercial rooftop Solar Sower Plants or industrial systems. These Panels are suitable for Large Scale or Megawatt type Projects. Here is complete Detail, Size, Watt, Volt, Working, Technical Specification and Cost of 250w and 300w DC & AC Solar Panels.

Solar Product / Solar Panel 250w

Electrical Specification
Power Max Pm 250w
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 8.95 A
Max Power Current Imp (A) 8.35 A
Maximum Voltage (Vmp) 29.95 V
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 37.25 V
Maximum System Voltage 1000 VDC
Mechanical Specification
Type Multi Crystalline
No of Cells in Series 60
Frame Type Aluminum
Y-Axis Mounting Hole 946mm
X-Axis Mounting Hole 6.9
Junction Box Cable 4mm
Glass Type Tempered 4mm

Price : 11000/-

Solar Product / Solar Panel 300w

Product Specification
Rated Power 300w Open Circuit Voltage 44.5 V
Max. Power Voltage 35.5 V Short Circuit Current 8.65 V
Max. Power Current 8.22 A Output Tolerance (%) +/- 4.99
Module Dimension 1968 x 987 x 40mm weight 21
Cell 72, 156 x 156mm Operating Temperature -40 C to +85 c
Module Efficiency(%) 15.44 Max. System Voltage 1000
Series fuse rating 15 Junction Box IP 65 / IP 67
Protection SCHOTTKY BYPASS Output Cables 4mm²,min.900mm length
Connectors MC4 Compatible

Price : 13200/-

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